New Project: Typographic Videos for the 2015 Liturgical Music Festival


The Liturgical Music Festival in Jerusalem is an annual, colourful event that focuses on the liturgical traditions of the Jewish people from all parts of the world.     For this year’s festival, typographer and graphic artist Oded Ezer has created typographic video clips, inspired by natural and organic forms. The…

Babel #1: Non-Latin Symposium, Offenbach


  Some nice pics from Babel #1 Non-Latin, a one day type symposium that was held at the HFG Offenbach last week. The focus of the first issue of the Babel Symposium was on other writing systems: Non Latin. Peter Biľak, Oded Ezer, Shoko Mugikura, Johannes Bergerhausen, Ben Wittner (of studio EPS51) and Na Kim were among the speakers. The…