New Project: West-East Poster for Typomania Festival


A screen-printed piece commissioned by Typomania 2018’s exhibition, where selected contributors were asked to freely interpret the 2018 East-West theme of the typographic festival.     Ezer started his piece by printing the words ‘east’ and ‘west’ and slicing them to vertical stripes. By weaving the stripes into a paper…

New Project: Life/Death T-shirt for Escaping Refugees


Life/Death T-shirt for Escaping Refugees is a project of empathy for those people in Syria and other war zones around the world, who are forced to leave their homelands and cross the border in search for a safer place. Designed to send a message to policemen, soldiers and journalists on their way, Life/Death T-shirt…

New Project: We Are Family


‘We Are Family’ is an interactive, typographic-animated-gif installation that make use of fragments from found online political, brutal, pornographic and other videos to create a new kind of typographic visual language. It is one of four works created by Oded Ezer for his solo exhibition named Practical Particles, at Vitrina Gallery (Holon Institute of…

New Project: .˙. |: (aka Dot.Font)


.˙. |: (aka Dot.Font), is a futuristic, animated-gif typeface for the generation that doesn’t read. It’s letters are reduced to as little elements as possible, and it is meant to appear on screen (and disappear from it) as fast as possible. It is one of four works created by Oded Ezer…

New Project: Art Vs. Design

Detail (letter V) from “Art vs. Design”, an installation by Oded Ezer

‘Art Vs. Design‘ is a typographic installation that make use of certain elements from known artworks to form letters. It is one of four works created by Oded Ezer for his solo exhibition named Practical Particles, at Vitrina Gallery (Holon Institute of Technology). Practical Particles exhibition showcases typographic responses to current issues in culture and mass communication….

New Project: (Breaking) The Crystal Goblet

“Breaking the Crystal Goblet”, animated gif by Oded Ezer

(Breaking) The Crystal Goblet is a looped animated-gif by Oded Ezer, re-thinking Beatrice Warde’s famous essay, The Crystal Goblet. The essay was first delivered as a speech, called “Printing Should Be Invisible,” given to the British Typographers’ Guild at the St Bride Institute in London, on October 7, 1930. “The essay is notable historically as a call…

Oded Ezer to reveal four new typographic works in solo exhibition

Detail (letter R) from “We Are Family”, a typographic installation by Oded Ezer

Tel Aviv based graphic artist and typographer Oded Ezer will reveal four new works in his upcoming solo exhibition, ‘Practical Particles’ (Dec. 30 — Jan 28, 2015).     Practical Particles will premiere at Vitrina Gallery of the Holon Institute of Technology, from December 30. The four works – described by the…

Oded Ezer in StereoType exhibition at Boston Society of Architects


  StereoType is a groundbreaking exhibition that presents works by an array of 14 established and up-and-coming designers from the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, France, the United States, Israel, The Netherlands, Germany, and Australia. By exploring the opportunities at the intersection of technology and design, this new breed of artists…

“Memory Palace” typographic videos at MoMA’s “A Collection of Ideas”


Eight typographic video works, originally created by Oded Ezer for the multi-dimensional exhibition, Memory Palace At the V&A Museum, are now being displayed at A Collection of Ideas, an exhibition of works that have been acquired recently by the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York. The exhibition is organized by…

New Project: Videos for Memory Palace exhibition at the V&A Museum


Interpreting a series of the protagonist’s misremembered definitions, Oded Ezer will be presenting eight short typographic videos in Sky Arts Ignition: Memory Palace at the Victoria and Albert Museum, a multi-dimensional exhibition, in which 20 leading graphic designers, typographers and illustrators bring alive Hari Kunzru’s work of fiction.     Kunzru’s story is set in…

V&A’s Memory Palace exhibition announced

Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), London, has announced Memory Palace exhibition, to be opened 18 June 2013. Sky Arts Ignition: Memory Palace is a walk-in story that brings to life a new work of fiction by the author Hari Kunzru. This narrative world is visualised through a series of commissions…

New Project: The Note and G.D.I.B conceptual videos

Oded Ezer G.D.I.B video

  Oded Ezer’s conceptual videos The Note and G.D.I.B mark new direction for his experimental work. The Note showing Ezer burning a piece of paper that ironically reads “I could tell you what good design is, but then I’d have to kill you” (paraphrasing the famous Top Gun movie’s quote), questions the more…