10 Secrets to becoming a better design student


Oded Ezer shares his thoughts (and experience) on how to be a better design student, in 10 easy steps.

New Talk: AGI Open conference in Hong Kong


Speaking at the AGI Open conference in Hong Kong, Oded Ezer discusses the idea of an “original design by somebody” and references his contribution to the About Flags exhibition. Ezer also talks about the ways in which he comes up with ideas and how his work has become more about pointing…

New Talk: Design Indaba Conference


Just uploaded to Oded Ezer talks on Design Indaba’s website: Oded Ezer talking at last year’s conference to an audience of some thousands. The entry at the Design Indaba blog said: 12:10:02 pm “Oded Ezer speaks about designing a tattoo for a client. She wanted the initials of her grandparents incorporated…