Wall of Liberty (2016)

Wall of Liberty is an installation proposal for Building The U.S.-Mexico Border Wall. This dystopian/ironic concept suggests building a continuous chain of replicas of Statues of Liberties, along the US-Mexican border. The wall of connected concrete bases will protect the American People from any alien invasion. Yet the American Spirit, so wonderfully represented and identified with the iconic image of the original Statue of Liberties, will keep on inspiring generations of people, who will not benefit from actually entering its borders.

Since the design consists of a modular repeating unit, the massive concrete foundation can be naturally based in the diverse changing topography along the border line. Its foundations can be set into all kinds of existing ground, whether soil or deep water,

While the connected concrete base blocks any attempted entrance, the repetitive copper figures, all facing south, will serve to inspire the failed, humbly retreating.  We trust the irony will not be wasted on them.


Copyright © 2016 by Oded Ezer (a.k.a Cat Chap) in collaboration with Irit Abir