Veining (2019)

Veining is a design fiction project, comprised of a 3D text surgically implanted, integrated into the body’s circulatory system and enhanced via a UV injection of a fluorescent liquid to create a ‘living neon sign’. Veining is an exploration of body modification where textual design and biology intersect.  Watch the video here


All rights reserved © Oded Ezer, 2019

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Creative direction: Oded Ezer

Team: Production: Corrado Silveri, Barbara Sotje, Stefania Valla | Illustration: Maria Rappaport | Art: Nicola Pireddu, Enrico Penello, Chiara Ferrari (Kinopatia) | Make-up: Ilaria Solari | DOP and camera: Corrado Caputo, Andrea Siri, Fausto Bergami, Giacomo Berichilli, Francesco Serpe | Actors: Enrico Penello, Roberto Zuffi