Life/Death T-shirt for Escaping Refugees (2016)

Life/Death T-shirt for Escaping Refugees is a project of empathy for those people in Syria and other war zones around the world, who are forced to leave their homelands and cross the border in search for a safer place.

Designed to send a message to policemen, soldiers and journalists on their way, Life/Death T-shirt can be hand printed by soon-to-be refugees just before they leave their homes behind.

Life/Death T-shirt for Escaping Refugees was created by Oded Ezer specially for Grafist (Istanbul Graphic Design Week) invitational exhibition Crossing the frontiers, focusing on the refugees issue.


Copyright © 2016 by Oded Ezer

Concept and design: Oded Ezer
Illustrations: Erica Rotberg
Photos: Ruth Ezer
Client: Grafist – Istanbul Graphic Design Week
Curator: Prof. Sadık Karamustafa