(Breaking) The Crystal Goblet (2015)

‘(Breaking) The Crystal Goblet’ is Oded Ezer’s animated-gif homage and response to Beatrice Warde’s famous essay, The Crystal Goblet.

The essay was first delivered as a speech, called “Printing Should Be Invisible,” given to the British Typographers’ Guild at the St Bride Institute in London, on October 7, 1930.

The essay is notable historically as a call for increased clarity in printing and typography. It is now significant as a common reading in the study of typography and graphic design. The essay has been reprinted many times and is a touchstone for the concept of “clear” typography and the straightforward presentation of content.

‘(Breaking) The Crystal Goblet’ is one of four works created by Oded Ezer for his solo exhibition named Practical Particles, at Vitrina Gallery (Holon Institute of Technology). Practical Particles exhibition showcases typographic responses to current issues in culture and mass communication.

Copyright © 2015 by Oded Ezer

Visual concept and design: Oded Ezer
Photographers: Doron Bentov, Michal Shani
Client: Vitrina Gallery, Holon Institute of Technology
Curator: Reuven Givati