Oded Ezer to speak at the Babel Symposium in HfG Offenbach

“Do we understand each other? What does the international typography scene have in common and what are the differences?” are some of the questions that will be discussed at the Babel Symposium in Offenbach this November.

The Babel Symposium is conceived and organized by the chair of typography, Prof.
Sascha Lobe, at HfG Offenbach. Do We Understand Each Other? is the motto and
topic in one.

Non-Latin typography

The focus of the first issue of the Babel Type Symposium is on other writing
systems: Non latin. Twenty years after the introduction of the computer,
the next revolution has taken hold of everyday graphic design almost unnoticed.
Thanks to digital standards such as Unicode or OpenType, globalisation is now
definitively taking place in typography too – interestingly, the predominance of
western, »Latin« writing seems to be waning. Famous international designers let us
look beyond the western perspective with their projects.