New Talk: Design Indaba Conference

Just uploaded to Oded Ezer talks on Design Indaba’s website: Oded Ezer talking at last year’s conference to an audience of some thousands.

Oded Ezer talking at Design Indaba

The entry at the Design Indaba blog said:

12:10:02 pm

“Oded Ezer speaks about designing a tattoo for a client. She wanted the initials of her grandparents incorporated into it. Ezer took the idea of infinity and long lines and built the letters into that. Her tattoo started at the tip of one finger and ran along her arm, up to her neck, and back down along the other arm – ending on the tip of her other hand’s finger.”

12:14:30 pm

“Ezer on a poster he created for the Krakow Festival: “I started to think about ways we communicate. I asked friends all over the world to each create one letter for me. Then I took these and used them for the poster.”

12:21:20 pm

“Ezer was asked to design a logo for his city, Givatayim, by a site that he found “too trendy”. He wrote the name of his city in ancient Hebrew and then modernised it.”

12:24:14 pm

“Ezer decided to form a “typographic religion” with rituals and he made himself the “typographic shaman”. Now we know why cult leaders so often start off as graphic designers.”

12:29:39 pm

“Sources of Ezer’s inspiration are myriad, yet he combines all these fields into his love for typography. An incredible thinker, he just sees the world differently.”

12:34:26 pm

“Ezer is fascinated by biology and applying it as typography. He took human sperm and created a whole new typeface – “typosperma”.”

12:37:28 pm

“Oded Ezer finishes off with an exquisite video homage to Mother & Child.”